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Welcome to the FydeOS Enterprise Wiki, your comprehensive guide to managing your enterprise's FydeOS ecosystem. This center is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to get started, manage devices, applications, users, and kiosk settings.

What is FydeOS Management Cloud?

FydeOS Management Cloud is a web-based application that allows IT admins to manage users and devices within the enterprise. It provides a platform to configure and deploy policies with ease.


FydeOS Management Cloud offers a wide range of management policies, providing flexibility for enterprises to deploy policies according to their specific needs. Additionally, it offers training and technical support to help IT admins become proficient in utilizing the FydeOS device management cloud confidently.

Device Management

In FydeOS Management Cloud, you can manage the devices under your supervision. The following features are available for device management:

  • Enforcing policies on device usage
  • Installing apps and extensions
  • Managing guest sessions
  • Controlling access to apps and websites
  • Enforcing privacy and security policies
  • Managing enterprise app and extension installations
  • Handling FydeOS automatic updates

User Management

FydeOS Management Cloud allows you to manage user-specific settings and configurations. The following features are available for user management:

  • Setting usage limits
  • Isolating websites
  • Configuring network proxies
  • Allowing or blocking screen capture and screen recording
  • Managing cookie preferences
  • Setting download locations
  • Blocking access to specific websites

Application Management

In FydeOS Management Cloud, you can manage application-related policies and settings. The following features are available for application management:

  • Defining allowed types of apps and extensions for installation
  • Managing the installation of external extensions
  • Blocking extensions based on permissions
  • Requiring specific installations
  • Configuring automatic program startup

By utilizing the three dimensions of device, user, and application management, you can customize policies to suit the unique requirements of your organization, providing effective control over the access and behavior of devices, users, and applications.